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We offer a range of Snooker Tables (SBA Snooker), Pool Tables (SBA Pool), Air Hockey Tables, Imported Pool Tables, SBA Tournament Classic, Snooker Cues, Master Cues, Billiard Accessories, Snooker and Billiard Balls, Billiard Brass Accessories, Snooker and Pool Cloth.

SBA Tournament Billiard Table

Product Range :

.. SBA Tournament Billiard    Table

..Snooker Tables (SBA nooker)

.. Pool Tables (SBA Pool)

.. Imported Pool Tables

.. Air Hockey Tables

...SBA Table Tennis

.. Snooker Cues

.. BLP Classic Cue

.. Billiard Accessories

.. Snooker and Billiard Balls

.. Billiard Brass Accessories

.. Snooker and Pool Cloth
Our SBA tournament classic comes in the standard size of 12 x 6 feet. The table is manufactured from seasoned CP Teak for enhanced durability and reliability. Imported Slates instead of marbles which is used as the bed for the tables. The improved performance and playing experience is preferred by enthusiasts around the globe. The thickness of the slates is 1 3/4. The surface of the tables is then given Melamine polish in several layers, laid carefully for a better shine, look, tone, quality and easier maintenance.

Our List Of related accessories:

Product Specification Product Features:

Snooker Table(SBA Snooker)

We offer a snooker taSnooker Table (SBA Snooker)ble common among snooker enthusiasts, this particular model is available in two sizes 6' X 12' and 5' X 10'.
One Standard Size of 12'X 6' comes with new Snooker Tables Billiard table frame wooden, with slates Indian marble of 1-1/2" thickness, with 8 legs, brass nut and brass adjuster for leveling.

Accessories include:

Pool Table (SBA Pool)

WPool Table (SBA Pool)e offer a model commonly used for billiard game play. The product is available in two sizes 4'X 8' and 4.5'X 9'. These come with Wooden frame with 3 slates Indian marble of 1-1/2" thickness and legs with Brass Nut Adjuster. The leather pockets are available in the latest designs and quality pool table cloth in blue, green and red optimized for better performance. The list of related accessories include:

Imported Pool Table

We import the finest quality of Pool Tables from WIRAKA that are available in two sizes

WeImported Pool Table offer Imported Pool Table (size 4.5 x 9 feet) with

Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey TableAir hockey is a popular game with a huge fan following in the west. We manufacture standard size Air Hockey Tables (4 x 8 feet) and offer a complete line of parts and supplies, replacement to aging mallets, pucks and other accessories. The tables are fully coin operated with Score Counter and Music System.

SBA Air Hockey Tables main features (size 4’×8’) are

SBA Table Tennis

FSBA Table Tenniseatures

Snooker Cues

The Cues are of excellent quality and have been appreciated by our patrons in India and abroad. Best quality Ash and Maple wood is used in Cue making. We specialize in Snooker Cues and also make Pool Cues.
SBA Cues are available in the following varieties:
Snooker Cues
Single Piece: Available in Ash wood, the cues have no joints.

Two Pieces: These cues are popular for their brass joint in the center that makes the cue easy to carry along and handle. It also gives weight to the cue for more power in playing. Quality Ash Wood is used for this product.

Three Quarters: These Cues are available in Ash, Ebony, Rose and Maple wood with a joint at ¾ th length of the cue from the tip.

BLP Classic cue

We offer a range of Master Cues for the new and the professional players. We import selected pieces of Master Cues from Bangkok. These are available in Rose wood and Ebony in varieties such as Tournament Classic, Pro Butt etc. The structural integrity is more important then the aesthetic aspects in case of cues. Our cues, thus are built Master Cuesfrom the best quality wood and are highly durable and reliable.

We have expert knowledge of cue making and the wood, metal, synthetics and inlay materials interact perfectly. All our cues are prevented from conditions that may impair the durability, structural integrity and the performance of the cues.

In a nutshell, with the use finest quality materials and employing our rich experience, we produce the best quality cues.

Billiards Accessories
We manufacture and export quality Billiard Accessories. At Sharma Billiards, we strive to offer a large selection of quality billiard accessories the best customer service and fastest delivery. The line includes

Billiard Accessories

We manufacture and export quality Billiard Accessories. At Sharma Billiards, we strive to offer a large selection of quality billiard accessories the best customer service and fastest delivery. The line includes.
Billiard Accessories
  • Master Tips
  • Chalks
  • Billiard Table Rubber Cushion
  • Triangles

  • Cue Cases
  • Other Billiard Accessories
  • Imported Slates of Size 6" x 12"
    Brass joints in 5 Sections for Snooker Table

    Snooker and Billiard Balls

    Snooker and Billiard BallsWe import a range of branded (Aramith) Pool Balls, Snooker Balls, Billiard Balls, Carom Balls and Chinese Ball Sets, mentioned below:
  • Aramith Pool Ball Premier 2" 1/16
  • Billiard Brass Accessories

    Billiard Brass AccessoriesWe manufacture a range of high quality Billiard Brass Accessories such as
    These are highly durable products and built to standard specifications. Our Billiard Brass Accessories are built for style, substance and with a taste towards the game.

    Snooker and Pool Cloth

    With an absolute commitment to producing specialty snooker and pool textiles and an expert understanding of playing cloth, We offer branded Snooker and Pool Cloth. We also manufacture our own cloth for Pool Tables in excellent quality and reasonable prices.
    Snooker and Pool Cloth
    Branded Clothes:
  • 6811 32 oz, West of England Strachan Stroud
  • All cloths supplied are supported by factories with in-house technical and laboratory facilities, enabling us to offer expert product advice and assistance in all areas of woolen and worsted cloth fabrics.

    Materials are available in cut lengths or pieces, from a stock support system with a prompt delivery service. Available by the meter or measured and cut to the the size of the table.

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