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Axle Parts
Axle Parts
• Axle Bearings
• Axle Joint Assemblies
• Axle Assemblies
• Axle Boots, Clips,
Axle Grease & Related Parts

Suspension & Steering Parts
Suspension & Steering Parts
• Tie Rod Ends
• Steering Ball Joints
• Suspension Lower Arm
• Steering Knuckles
• U. J. Cross
• Steering Rack, Pinions & Assemblies

Brake Parts

Brake Parts
• Brake Disc Pads
• Brake Shoes
• Brake Disc Plates

Suspension Rubber Parts
Suspension Rubber Parts
• Suspension Rubber Kit
• Axle & Steering Boots
• Gear Lever & Air Cleaner Boots
• Strut Kits & Shocker Parts
• Silencer Rubber, Buffer & All Bushes

Engine Mountings
Engine Mountings
• Front & Rear Engine Mountings
• Gear Box Montings
• Gear Lever Mountings
• Torque Mountings
• Strut Mountings

Electrical Parts
Electrical Parts
• Lights & Lences
• Electrical Switches
• Wire Hearness
• Battery & Plug Wires
• All Types of Holders

Company Profile

J.K. Automobiles was established by Mr. Raj Kumar Kalra & Dhiraj Kalra in the year 1993, and has Emerged as one of The Leading Trader & Supplier of Auto Parts, under the Brand Name FITGO & SGP for All Maruti Vehicles, Tata Sumo, Toyota, Hyundai & All New Generation Cars. Our products are Now Available in All Major Cities of India, Through Wide Network of Dealers.

Our Products

We Deal in All Segments, and Provide Wide Range of Products Under one Roof. Our Products are :
1. Axle parts
2. Suspension & steering parts
3. Suspension Rubber kits & All Rubber Bushes
4. Engine Mountings
5. Radiator & fuel hoses
6. Water pump & pullys
Brake Parts Supplier, Electrical Parts Dealers IndiaAxle Parts Exporters, Rubber Parts Dealers India
7. Door, dicky & body fitting parts
8. Electrical parts
 • Lights
 • Lences and
 • Cables
9. Brake Parts
10. Steering
11. Clutch &
Pressure Plates
12. Wiper Link Assemblies


Company's stress on quality & service remains a main motivating factor. Company's desire is to supply components to customer's need. So that they can go direct on line without need of double inspection.

Our beliefs in adherence to legal and regulatory norms and our target to achieve world class quality has laid the foundation to achieve ISO 9002 quality management system in near future.

Our Mission

• To Become one of The Most Reliable & Compeitive Supplier of Wide Range of Automotive Components Under One Roof.
• To Be successful in Our Mission, Our Principle Objective is to Achive Improved Customer’s Satisfaction through Best Quality.
• Every Product, We Manufacture, Undergoes A Variety of Quality Control Tests. So Customer gets the same High Level of Performence.

Our Clients

We thrive on challenges in developing high-tech products and wish to curve a niche for ourselves by doing so with high commitment to customer’s requirements and deliveries.
We believe in customer’s delight, not just satisfaction.

Dealer Network

Our Products are Widely Accepted in The After Markets of All Over India. we Have Our Dealers in Whole of Gujrat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh And Jammu & Kashmir.

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J.K. Automobiles
Contact Person :
1. Raj Kumar Kalra - 9312966111
2. Dhiraj Kalra - 9311147877
D-1/5, Shri Ram Motor Market, 1/754, Chabi Ganj, Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006
Tel : +(91)-(11)-23935487, 23955487, (Off) 011-41464408
Fax : +(91)-(011)-23935487
Email :
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