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  Aparna Exports is a widely prominent and popular name in the field of various Home Furnishing Products and Gift Items. Our well-established, aesthetic, and discerning company is broadly experienced to provide an extensive range of exquisite Photo Frames & Jewelry Boxes, Bags & Purses, Christmas Hangings, Bed Covers & Quilts, Cushion Covers, Placemats & Coasters, etc.

All these exquisite Home Furnishing and Gift Items command a broad variety of types, sizes, colors, designs, styles, materials, combinations of comely colors, and amazing craftsmanship & dexterity, in order to please, allure, and satisfy our myriads of Indian and International customers & clients of diverse aesthetic & sybaritic senses, styles, and outlooks. In the production of our striking and impressive products, there is impeccable utilization of the traditional expertise, esoteric & expert ingenuity, and long enriching experience, and also the modern technological refinements. Our highly competent pool of numerous highly qualified, broadly experienced, and innovative professionals, and huge skilled ancillary personnel, has been utilizing the best suitable materials of superior quality, elegant and aesthetic designs, perfectly functional & fashionable coloring, distinct styles, and various decorative fringes and adornments.

Our perceptive and discerning company provides prompt & punctual deliveries, and solicitous & very scrupulous customer care services. We are well-equipped and competent enough to appease fully the requirements of diverse specifications and designer items. The ultimate objective of Aparna Exports is to sell an extensive variety of exquisite home furnishing products in every respect, and enthralling gift items in India and abroad at quite reasonable and economical rates.
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Aparna ExportsAparna ExportsAparna Exports
Avail our broad range of beautiful and fashionable Photo Frames & Jewelry Boxes, at quite affordable and economical rates, designed sedulously, scrupulously, and artfully in various sizes, and embroidered expertly with highly aesthetic beads, resham, zari, stones, etc.  
Beaded Photo Frames Designer Jewellery Box Crafted Jewellery Box Designer Photo Frames
Designer Photo Frames
Item code : 055
Decorative Jewellery Box
Item code : 085
Handcrafted Jewellery Box
Item code : 014
Decorative Photo Frames
Item code : 086
  Aparna Exports offer a rich and varied collection of diverse aesthetic & reliable Bags & Purses, which are well decorated and adorned with celestial beads of various sizes, stones, and many decorative fringes and embroideries.  
Ladies Fashion Purses Embroidered Silk Handbag Designer Fashion Bag Beaded Fashion Purses
Ladies Fancy Handbags
Item code : 016
Hand Embroidered Bags
Item code : 054
Fancy Designer Purses
Item code : 0131
Ladies Hand Purse
Item code : 019
  Our rich, exotic, and sumptuous collection of enthralling Christmas Hangings in many enthralling designs and greatly aesthetic styles, is bound to allure you and your kith and kin obsessively.  
Christmas Wall Hanging Christmas Decorative Items Beaded Christmas Hanging Christmas Door Hanging
Decorative Christmas Wall Hanging
Item code : 036
Christmas Wall Hanging Balls
Item code : 040
Handcrafted Christmas Wall Hanging
Item code : 004
Designer Christmas Wall Hanging
Item code :  024
  Our Bed Covers & Quilts, produced using the appropriately suitable cloths and other materials, are well adorned with strikingly aesthetic and artistic designs, comely fringes, and delicate hand & machine embroideries, in order to provide the clients of India and abroad complete aesthetic and sybaritic satisfaction.  
Silk Bed Cover & Quilts Patchwork Bed Cover & Quilts Printed Bed Cover & Quilts Embroidered Bed Cover & Quilts
Designer Bed Cover & Quilts
Item code : 014
Embroided Bed Cover & Quilts
Item code : 012B
Decorative Bed Cover & Quilts
Item Code :
Fancy Bed Cover & Quilts
Item code : 013B
  Available quite economically in both hand and machine embroideries, our highly comfortable, luxurious and glamorous Cushion Covers are manufactured from appropriately suitable cloths, in various convenient sizes, striking & aesthetic designs & decorations, and highly fashionable styles.  
Decorative Cushion Covers Printed Cushion Covers Silk Cushion Covers Embroidered Cushion Covers
Embroidered Cushion Cover
Item code : 033
Printed Cushion Cover
Item code : 001
Silk Embroidered Cushion Cover
Item code : 036
Hand Embroidered Cushion Cover
Item code : 002
  Aparna Exports offer a wide range of well-designed, keenly aesthetic and sybaritic Placemats & Coasters in various impressive colors & color combinations, convenient & elegant shapes & sizes, and many exotic designs & styles, to make your dining table impressively ornate and irresistibly inviting.  
Fancy Placemats Embroidered Placemats Table Coasters Decorative Coasters
Designer Placemat
Item code : 014
Fancy Placemat
Item code : 022
Embroided Placemat
Item code : 057
Decorative Coaster
Item code : 03
  Ordering :
After selecting the products as per your liking and taste, tell us the product code numbers, to begin the purchase process. We will then send you the prices of all the items chosen by you. According to your product and quantity demands, we then send to you the Performa Invoice for the payment. We start working only after your confirmation of our Performa Invoice and payment for the products.

Delivery Time :
Generally, the Delivery Schedule for most of the products ranges from 25 to 35 days depending upon the type of products and the quantity demanded.

Delivery System :
Orders are to be delivered by air from the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI Airport), New Delhi. We dispatch the goods & products from our well-established Warehouse at Agra to New Delhi by road.

Shipping Information :
1). Either you provide us DHL /FedEx/Airborne/ TNT/UPS Courier account number OR we shall send to you the goods by any of these courier companies, and will add the charges in the Invoice.
2). In this case, the air fright charges will be added to the invoice. Information regarding the air fright charges by good airlines (Cheaper Airline also on request) will be provided to you beforehand. But for this dispatch service we require the accurate address of your National/International Airport.

Packing Information :
Most of the our products are packed individually in small corrugated boxes, which are marked properly with their respective product numbers.

Remark :
We welcome your enquiry regarding the purchase of goods and products dealt in by our company. Your such enquiry and curiosity will not cause the slightest botheration or inconvenience to us. Moreover, our receptive and innovative company hails your specifications, suggestions, or alterations in the design of our wide range of home furnishing and gift items.
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