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Core laying Machine
Core laying MachineThe core laying machines offered by us provide laying of 3 and ½ core or 1+3 (4 core) of power cables and are available in different sizes according to the varied cable sizes, like,

I 1+3 ; 150 mm2 - 500 mtr.
II 1+3 ; 150 mm2 - 1000 mtr.
III 1+3 ; 150 mm2 - 1000 mtr.
IV 1+3 ; 300 mm2 - 500 mtr.
V 1+3 ; 400 & 630 mm2 - 500 mtr.

Features :
The core laying machine offered by us are user friendly and can be easily loaded and unloaded. The machines are useful in laying 3½ or 4 core of power cables. The cable insulation is protected from surface cracking due to bending by way of high capstan radius. The machines offered by us have Akash gear box that helps the machine to rotate both in the clockwise and anti clock wise direction, in order to make various cage speed. Our Machine has an adjustable dye-holder system, which is capable to adopt a hollow dye in two half round shape according to cable size.

The components offered in the machine are-
Component Name Specification/Function
Akash Gear box Lay Changing Facility
Cage Speed Upto 100 to 180 RPM
Capstan Wheel Mild Steel Fabrication
Dye-holder Slide up to 300 mm to 450 mm
P.E. Taping Head Tape the laid-up cable helically

Wire Twisting Machine / Strip Armoring Machine
Wire Twisting MachineThe wire armouring machine offered by us is useful in making rigid mechanical protection for PVC/ XLPE sheathed cables. It is capable of making a metallic armor by the means of G.I. wire or G.I. Strip. All the operational functions of our machine and the mechanical structure are same as the conductor twisting machine, wire twisting machine, except the number of Bobbins (spools) produced. The technical specifications are mentioned below-

S. No. No. of Bobbins (Spools) Capstan Dia.
1 36 Bobbin (Double Plate) 1250 mm
2 48 Bobbin (Triple Plate) 1500 mm
3 54 Bobbin (Triple Plate) 1800 mm
4 61 Bobbin (Four Plate) 2000 mm

Cutter Puller (Pneumatic)
Cutter PullerThe cutter puller (pneumatic) machine offered by us is very useful in the varied cable manufacturing stages like, process of armouring / steel taping, sheathing, inner sheathing, for pulling of bunched conductor and for layed cables. The machine made by us pulls the cable without any damage in the size & shape of cables with non variable uniform speed. There are two models that is made available by us-
  • Screw type
  • Pneumatic type
In the pneumatic type machine the air pressure is controlled and is comfortable enough to ensure the size and shape of the cable. The machine has a 3 step speed changing gear box to enable it to pull all sizes of cable from minimum to maximum diameter. The machine is made perfect to pull cables and stripping (PVC) & much more extrusive products is due to the Extra wide & extra thick pulling belts. It is available in different models for different sizes and applications ranging form 240 Sq mm to 630 Sq mm.

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