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Band Marking Machine / Dot Marking Machine
Band Marking MachineThe product range offered by us consists of machine that is used to make color bands/dots on either insulated core/ wires in order to identify the correct sequence in the bunch of cores in multi core or multi pair communication cable. The machine has a chimney type dryer unit that helps in drying the color bands. The machine is offered in two models by us, the models are-
  • Single head machine
  • Double head machi

Conductor Shaping Head
Conductor Shaping HeadThe Conductor Shaping Head machine offered by us is user friendly and is used to make a shape for bunched or twisted conductor. The machine helps in making a round shape for cables with 2, 3 or 4 core. It is necessary to give a shape for conductor either half round for two core or Triangular for 3 or 4 core.

Conductor / Cable Twisting Machine
The stranding machine offered by us is used to prepare multi strands conductor for different sizes of cables. The machine is made available in different models depending on the number of spools and sizes of the spools. The machine has a round cage with number of cradles that helps in holding the spools. The cage rotates in both the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction together with it's Akash gear box.

The direction is easily changeable with the help of a lever that is provided in the gear box. The machine offered by us possesses has a dye holder head that keeps the shape and sequence correctly and a shaping head to make its shape in either half round (D shape) or triangular (D shape). The machine made by us has mild steel capstan wheel used in pulling the twisted and shaped conductor. The size of capstan wheel depends on the size of machine and the number of conductors. This machine is very easy to operate and maintain.
S. No. No. of Bobbins (Spools) Capstan Dia.
1 1+6 Bobbin (Double Plate) 750 mm
2 12 Bobbin (Double Plate) 750 mm
3 24 Bobbin (Double Plate) 915 mm
4 36 Bobbin (Triple Plate) 1200 mm
5 24 Bobbin (500 mm) (Triple Plate) 1000 mm
6 18 Bobbin (Anti-Torssion) (Triple Plate) 915 mm
7 24 Bobbin (Anti-Torssion) 1000 mm
8 6+12+18+24 Bobbin Cross Stranding Machine (Clock + Anti Clock Wise) As per No. of cage

P.E. Taping Head / Polyester Taping Head

P.E. Taping HeadWe offer high quality P.E. / Polyester Taping Head, which works with precision in its specified area of application. High in performance, the machine tapes P.E./polyester or any type of non-metallic tape on cables / pipes helically. Designed keeping the special requirements of our clients in mind, the machine can be installed both ON-LINE & OFF-LINE and is available in two models:-
  • Single Plate Centrifugal Type
  • Double Tape Head Type

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