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  Training, Consultancy, Certification audit consultancy, Implementation assistance providers.  
  We provide a unique 'TRAINING LED CONSULTANCY' program to assist and help companies achieve AS 9100 Aerospace Standards.
We only conduct workshops which are tailor made to suit your organizations.

We provide services of inspection or auditing for suppliers located anywhere in Asia Pacific. Our inspectors are well trained QC professionals with skill of using any instruments for measurements.

Our trainings are proprietary and have been appreciated by lot of SME and large companies. The workshops are designed to cater to specific industries. The implementation methodology is very unique unlike the routine certification consultancy.

All the core team members are actively involved in improving and continuing the systems and processes defined.

The various milestones are :
  aS9100 rev c consultancy  Need Analysis and Reporting
aS9100 rev c consultancy  Gap Analysis for every process is conducted during Walkthrough of your plant and Over the fence visit    of your plant
aS9100 rev c consultancy  Designing of forms required for reinforcement AS standards
aS9100 rev c consultancy   Writing Aerospace Manual (AS 9100), system procedures
aS9100 rev c consultancy  Assistance in identifying the Objectives and Targets
aS9100 rev c consultancy  Training on First Article Inspection (FAI)    
aS9100 rev c consultancy   Workshops on Configuration Management based on ISO 10015 (CM)
aS9100 rev c consultancy   Workshops on Foreign Object Debris (FOD)
aS9100 rev c consultancy   Workshops on Measurement System Analysis (MSA)
aS9100 rev c consultancy  Training on AS 9100 Standard
as9100 rev c training AS 9100 Internal auditors training based on ISO 19011
as9100 rev c training  Mock audit
as9100 rev c training Management Review Kick start
as9100 rev c training  Pre audit assistance
as9100 rev c training  Final Audit assistance
as9100 rev c training  Assistance towards closure of Non conformances

We can also conduct Mystery audits for any of type of companies and in any part of the world.

Some of the industries we have catered are Laser Cutting, Engineering and Airport Fuel Services.
Our trainer is qualified Auditor from Underwriters Laboratory UL.

"Yes" our implementation is as Simple and effective as our Website is!

Geographical feasibility: South India, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Seychelles, Mauritius, South Africa, Adisababa (Ethiopia), Thailand, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Greece, Albania, Mongolia, Vietnam and Philippines.



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as9100 rev c training
Additional Value added services:
» Internal audit of your certified systems
» Training to your core team members
» Assistance in closure of Non Conformances raised by
   Certification body
» Training to students on AS 9100, AS 9100
» Exclusive workshops on Risk assessment
» Exclusive workshops on Legal requirements
» Vacation training programs for personnel coming from
» In-house workshops
» Open house workshops
» Internal Auditors Calibration workshop
» Setting Objectives and Targets
as9100 rev c training
We offer
» Free online consultancy to clients who buy
our documentation. This offer can be availed
only by countries other than India.
as9100 rev c training» Technical and business support to aspiring
consultants in other countries.
as9100 rev c training» Online Training programs for students, professionals
who prefer to have flexible timings.
as9100 rev c training
as9100 rev c training24 / 7 CONTACT DETAILS
Mansour Management Consultancy
Abu Dhabi, UAE, P.O. Box: 7244
Please do not forget to mention your contact number in the mail.
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